Features Exterior of Cattle of Breed Limousian in the Period of Their Acclimation in the Conditions of the Northern Trans-Ural


The paper presents a characteristic of the exterior features of the specialized limousin meat breed bred in the conditions of the Tyumen region. Studies were conducted on first-calf cows of different generations of animals. At the same time, the introduced animals belong to the zero generation, their descendants to the 1st generation, and the grandchildren belong to the 2nd genetic-ecological generation. In the process of research, it was that the acclimatization process left its mark on the manifestation of the main breeding and productive qualities of the studied livestock generations. One of the manifestations of which was a certain grinding of cows of the first generation. The obtained results of the exterior assessment of cows of different generations showed that the best exterior development was observed in cows of the second and zero generation. So, in cows of the first and second generations there was a decrease in measurements of the chest, estimated by the chest index by 1.1–3.1 % (P> 0.999), with an increase in the proportions characterizing the development of meat qualities of animals by 6.2–6.6 % (P> 0.999). Adaptation to new conditions confirms the development of such indices as the typical physique and severity of type, which, when changing generations, had an increase dynamic.

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