Structural Organization of the Liver in the Presence of Pig Hepatosis


The structural organization of the liver in hepatosis and its clinical and morphological manifestation in pigs were studied. In animals with reduced vitality, the liver underwent deep microscopic and ultrastructural changes. At hepatic steatosis, the liver had a cellular structure, many lipid vacuoles and the damage of mitochondrial membranes of a granular endoplasmic reticulum appeared in hepatocytes. Proteinosis was characterized by impaired of lobular structure, with protein swelling of the cytoplasm of hepatocytes and Disse’s spaces expansion, significant decrease of glycogen; mitochondrial swelling and the appearance of lysosomal vacuoles in the hepatocyte. In massive hepatic necrosis, hepatocyte dystrophy was noted, significant histochemical decrease of glycogen, lysis of the hepatocyte granule endoplasmic reticulum, pycnosis of the hepatocyte nucleus, and in general necrobiotic changes in the liver cells.

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