Problems of Drinking and Domestic Water Supply in Mountainous Areas of the Chechen Republic


The article presents the results of assessment works on drinking groundwater of alluvial sediments of the river valleys, perspective for water supply of mountainous regional centers of the Chechen Republic (Itum-Kale, Khimoi, Shatoi and Vedeno villages). The problem of providing quality water to more than 65,000 people living in four regions of the Chechen Republic mountainous areas is becoming more and more critical every year. According to the technical (geological) task, water demand for drinking and domestic water supply of the population is 4.0 thousand m3/day. The assessment of groundwater reserves for domestic and drinking purposes directly in the areas of the above-mentioned settlements was not made earlier, except for Itum-Kalinskoye, where in 2012–2013 HIDEK CJSC performed prospecting and assessment of the underground water reserves in the area of the projected riverbed water intake for the needs of the ”All-season ski resort Veduchi”. Based on the results of these works, the Khacharoiakhk field of fresh groundwater was explored in the alluvial deposits of the Khacharoiakhk River valley, which belong to the upper quaternary and modern quaternary system.

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