Environmental Aspects of Treatment with Lactose-containing Biological Preparations in Organic Agriculture


The paper presents data from developing a technology for production of protectingstimulating lactose-containing biological preparations to be applied in growing small grain crops. The process diagram of the biological preparation production includes 7 stages: raw feed acceptance, quality evaluation; separation of fat and casein dust; production of plant extracts; fermentation of the plant extracts with whey; sterilization; bottling and packaging; storage and sales Studies of qualitative and quantitative indicators of the biological preparation have been completed and its photometric indicators have been studied to standardize the preparation. Influence of the biological preparation onto growth-stimulating activity of winter wheat seeds variety DON-85 was studied in the laboratory. Application of the protecting-stimulating biological preparation to wheat cultivation (var. DON-95) and agricultural applicability were studied in field studies conducted on the test plots of instructional and experimental farm of Stavropol State Agricultural University. Practical recommendations for use have been developed.

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