Fertility of Leached Chernozem and Productivity of Winter Wheat Depending on Fertilizers in a Forest-steppe Zone


The study revealed optimum doses, NPK combinations, terms and methods of fertilizer application, which provides for highly efficient use of nutrients thus maintaining the fertility of soils, high efficiency and high quality of winter wheat grains. The application of some mineral fertilizers was followed by some decrease (trend) of humus content in relation to control samples. The option manure+NPK was characterized by relative stabilization of humus condition of soil, and concerning the average humus content this option exceeded the control one by 0.32 %. Fertilizers clearly improved the nutrient status of leached chernozem under winter wheat enriching its 0–40 cm layer with mobile nitrogen (NН4+ and NO3), phosphorus and potassium respectively by 6.0–9.2; 3.2–9.4; 9.3–36.7 and 21.5–32.8 mg/kg of soil on average per vegetation. Options with high doses of mineral fertilizers were characterized by the largest content. The application of fertilizers under winter wheat in N50−150P40−120K40−120 doses increased grain yield from 0.22 to 2.32 t/ha (6.9–72.5 %). The estimated option was the best.

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