New Agrotechnical Methods Development for Planting Material Production and Transplanting Young Grape Plants


The studies aim to evaluate the effect from agrotechnical methods on yield and quality of vegetative young plants that are used with new experimental facility. It provides for different modes in tops and roots zones of the same grafts, which dramatically increases the yield of circular-callus grafts. When using our facility at the end of stratification, when eyes of graft begin to sprout on shoots, they do not stretch out that provides nutrients preservation inside a plant, and grafts are not dried up. The experimental facility is used to grow young plants with a pre-vine trunk in a stratification chamber. A special polymeric-materials support was developed that allows to grow plants in its lower part, to plant them out in a permanent place, to place and hold the sleeves providing by it the yield increase trellis zone. The new method combines previously separated elements of vine-growing technology, starting from growing planting material to using fruit-bearing plantations into a single technological cycle in order to exclude a number of plant care activities, inter alia, protection plants from adverse weather factors, pests and diseases, and mechanical damage [20].

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