Mother’s Stress Experience towards Caring for the Children with Autism


Standard care guidelines for children with autism has not been established yet in Indonesia.Thisissuetriggersdisappropriatetreatmentforthem.Thepreviousgrounded study conducted by the researcher with the purpose to develop the framework for taking care the autism children revealed the new standard in taking care the autism children at home by the mother. One of the standard operating procedures is to reduce the stress level of the mother as the person in charge for their child at home. This research aimed to explore the mother’s stress experience towards caring for the children with autism. Formulated the information and phenomenon of mother’s stress experience towards caring for the children with autism with case study. Data were collectedin2019among7participantsbyutilizingobservation,in-depth interview,field recording,and literature review.The result revealed the early stress level of the mother incaring the irchildren with autism.Theyreportedthefeelingofbeingdisappointment, reject the reality, desperate,and negative stigma by the surrounding. Thus they always avoid introducing their children. The mothers often feel scared and worried to bring their children in crowd area. This study provides the suggestion for pediatric nurses to improve their knowledge and skills in giving the support system to the parents of the autism children and promote the education regarding autism treatment and care and most importantly is the establishment of standard operating procedures or guidelines in primary care of autism children at home by mother.

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