The Effectiveness of Hip and Knee Strengthening on Reducing Pain Intensity among Elderly with Osteoarthritis


Background: The population of elderly people increases from year to year along with increasing life expectancy. In 2000 the life expectancy in Indonesia was 64.5 years (with the percentage of the elderly population being 7.18%). It is estimated that the number of elderly people in 2020 reaches 9.9% of the total population in Indonesia. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative disease that occurs in the elderly due to thinning of joint cartilage, more common in the knee joint (89.91%) with pain manifestations. If the pain cannot be overcome, it can cause limitations in movement and disturb the daily activities, then it is suggested to do physical exercise, especially strengthening exercise.

Objectives: the aimed of this study was to examine the effect of hip and knee strengthening to reducing pain in elderly patients with OA.

Methods: A quasiexperimental study with randomized pre-post-test control design conducted in May untilJuly2014inYogyakarta.Seventyrespondentswithgrade1-2OAandnothavingan increasingly severe disease by exercising recruited.OApainassessedusingnumerical pain rating scale. The ordinal regression used to analyse the data.

Results: hip and kneestrengtheninginterventionstatisticallysignificantreducedpainintensity(p=0.00). Conclusions:The result demonstrated the effectiveness of hip and knee strengthening to reduce pain in elderly patients with OA. Hip and knee strengthening intervention throughvideocanbeoneofasuggestedinterventiontoreducepaininpatientswithOA.

Conclusions:The result demonstrated the effectiveness of hip and knee strengthening to reduce pain in elderly patients with OA. Hip and knee strengthening intervention through video can be one of the suggested intervention to reduc pain in patients with OA.

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