The Problems Faced in Learning English for Nursing of Students in STIKes Pemkab Jombang


Introduction: Facing the globalization era, every human have to be able to speak English to make easier the communication in community. In nursing, English become the important in order to every nurse able to compete in globalization era and give the optimal to avoid the misunderstanding of communication. Objective of this study is to analyze the problem of teaching and learning Englishfor nursing that faced in STIKes Pemkab Jombang. So, the problems of students in learning English of four skills, they are speaking, reading, writing, and speaking can be solved to encourage the student’s interest to work in foreign country.

Methods: this study used qualitative,it was analyzed,in descriptive analysis.The problems were gained from the casewhichis happened in the classroom. The populations were 62 students in third semester, while the sample size 12 students to find the solution in learning English well. 12 students were taken by random sampling from each class in nursing bachelor program as many as 2 students each class. This study used comparative method which was used in a study to narrate the difference of variable of research, this study used as natural condition with collecting the data.Then,itwasanalyzedstatisticallytofindthedifferent of variable. The instruments in this study were observation sheet, questionnaire, and speaking test.

Conclusion: The speaking score was constantly improved and the problem of learning English for nursing is solved. On the other hand, from the result percentage of questionnaire, they complete the problem of medical English.

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