Depression and Its Related Factors in Indonesian Congestive Heart Failure Patients Population


Background: Depression in Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) patients influence the quality of life and worsen their condition. However, Depression and factors related to its incidences in CHF patients in Indonesia are little known.

Objectives: This study aimed to identify depression incidences and its related factors, including age, sex, working status, education level, and duration of illness.

Methods: This study was quantitative with a cross-sectional approach. The population was CHF patients who were undergoing treatment in one of the referral hospital in Bandung West-Java, Indonesia. The sampling technique used consecutive sampling and obtained 51 respondents for one month period. The data was collected using the Beck Depression Inventory-II instrument and analyzed using frequency distribution; Sommers’d Gamma; and Contingency coefficient Lambda.

Result: The frequencies of respondents who experienced depression were mild in 62.7%; depression in 21.6%, and moderate in 5.9%. Besides, factors that significantly related to a depression were age (p=0.001, r=-0.419); and duration of illness (p=0.02, r=-0.396). Other factors were sex; working status; and education level, with the p-value were 0.100; 0.122; and 0.278 respectively. Conclusion: Most of the respondents experienced mild to moderate depression with agesanddurationofillnessassignificantrelatedfactors.Themoreagesandthemore duration of CHF diagnosis, the less depression occurred to the respondents. Thus nurses need to be conscious of the incidence of depression in younger age and or newly diagnosed CHF patients.

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