The Application of Levine’s Conservation Model on Nursing Care of Children with Cancer Experiencing Chemotherapy-Induced Mucositis in Indonesia


Background: Mucositis is a common side effect in children with cancer experienced chemotherapy. Levine’s Conservation Theory views children as open individuals who always respond to the environment. Children with cancer undergoing chemotherapy are seen as individuals who adapt to threats from the internal-external environment. The threat from the internal environment is the presence of cancer cells that threaten normal cells, while the external environment is the side effects of chemotherapy and environmental exposure. The nurse is responsible for carrying out a series of nursing processes to prevent the occurrence of mucositis due to chemotherapy.

Objectives: Thisstudyaimedtoexplorethenursingprocessthatwasgiventochildrenexperiencing chemotherapy-induced mucositis using Levine’s Conservation Theory.

Methods: This study was conducted with a case study. Ten children with cancer who experienced chemotherapy due to mucositis was participated in this study. Nursing process was applying by Levine Conservation Theory for one month at National Referal Hospital in Jakarta. Case studies are carried out by applying the nursing process according to Levine’s Conservation Theory, which consists of trophicognosis, hypothesis, nursing intervention and evaluation. Data analysis within cases and across cases is conducted by content analysis related to Levine’s evaluation model.

Results: The results of the case study show that eight clients experienced energy conservation imbalances, ten clients experienced structural integrity disorders and eight clients experienced impaired social integrity. The results of the application of the Levine Conservation Theory for one month showed only two clients who could not achieved energy conservation and structural integrity.

Conclusion/Importance: This case study shows that the Levine conservation model can be used in the nursing process in children with mucositis to maintain energy conservation and structural integrity. Nurses are expected to understand the application of Levine’s conservation theory to clients who are prone to conservation problems.

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