A Qualitative Study of Sexual Behavior among Indonesian Married Men with Migrant Worker Wife


Background: In Indonesian context, a formal sexual activity is legal only for those who are married. Married men which their wife work as a migrant worker cannot obtain their sexual need properly. This circumstance leads them to accomplish their need in risk sexual behavior.WithalargenumberofinternationalfemalelaborsfromIndonesiaand inadequately information on the HIV-related risk behavior among married men with migrant worker wife in Indonesia, more research is necessary to better understand in the sexual behavior context.

Objectives: This study aims to explore how Indonesian married men with migrant worker wife behave for their sexual activities to meet their sexual needs.

Methods: This study used qualitative semi-structured interviews, exploring participants’ experience of their sexual behavior.Participantsaremarriedmen and their wife work as migrant worker and assigned for at least six months. Purposive sample techniques used to reach the participant. Data were analyzed using Colaizzi’s phenomenological method.

Results: The study emerged three themes: sexual needs completion, safe sexual behavior, and sexual needs management. Peer invitation and sexual desire were the primary reasons to visit female sex workers. Condom use was not continuously applied for every sexual activity. Self-management is needed for individual who consider of not doing sexual activity with other woman instead of his wife. A knowledge of HIV was discussed within the article briefly.

Conclusions: The findings suggest that self-management is a fundamental role in how MILW performing sexual behavior. HIV-related health education and safe sexual behavior need to be provided for this group.


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