Cause of Death of Indonesia Hajj in Armenia, Saudi Arabia 2015


This study aimed to describe a cause of death among Indonesian Hajj Pilgrims in Armenia at hajj implementation 2015. This research conducted an observational study. The subjects were 213 of Indonesian hajj pilgrims who died in Armenia in Hajj pilgrims 2015. Data were processed from secondary data and analyzed quantitatively. The cause of death Indonesian Hajj was Respiratory Disease were 130 cases (61%), circulation 54
cases (25%) and symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical 23 cases (11%). Hajj pilgrims in 2015 undertook at summer. The temperature at the field Arofah was around 52 degrees Celsius. At Mina, the temperature which was between 47-48 degrees, crowdedness at Mina to Jamarat, and long distance route to Jamarat for Indonesian hajj which was around 2-7.5 KM resulted in some health problems including; unusual physical
tiredness and exhaustion (physical stress). This condition became more serious for Hajj pilgrims with high risks disease. The high risk of Indonesian Hajj wasas much as 92,609 (60.90%) from 167,609 pilgrims. Physical activities and mobility that exceeded health condition, lack of nutrition supply and dehydration became the cause of the death. The death of Indonesian pilgrims 2015 in Armenia was three times higher than the previous
year. On Hajj Implementation 2015 stampede occurred on Thursday, September 24th 2015 in Mina at the intersection of streets 204 and 223 leading up to Jamaraat Bridge. Pilgrims died from that incident were 1,470, 125 of them were from Indonesia.

Keywords: Cause of death; hot sun exposure; physical stress; stampede

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