Macroalgae is a macroscopic algae living in the intertidal zone. Based on the dominant pigment algae can be divided into 3 groups, there are Chlorophyta (green algae), Phaeophyta (brown algae), and Rhodophyta (red algae). Macroalgae have ecological and economic roles that are beneficial for humans. This research aims to study of distribution and abundance of macroalgae in the intertidal zone of Drini Beach, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. The study was conducted on June 8, 2013. Data were collected using plot method with 100 x 100 cm2 quadratic plot at 17 sampling points. Measurement of physicochemical parameters in each sampling point including salinity, air temperature and water temperature. Data analysis was performed by calculating the percent cover of each type macroalgae. The results showed that macroalgae were found consist of 9 types of Rhodophyta, 7 types of Chlorophyta and 2 types of Phaeophyta. The highest abundance of macroalgae was Rhodophyta (50,76%), followed by Chlorophyta (43,37%) and the lowest one was Phaeophyta (5,88%). The highest abundance of macroalgae species is Chaetomorpha crassa (26,91%) and the lowest one is Gigartina sp. (0,02%).

Keywords: Distribution, Abundance, Macroalgae, Intertidal

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