Javan Langur (Trachypithecus auratus) is an endemic langur in Indonesia which classified as vulnerable primate. Some researches divided Javan Langur species into some subspecies, yet was not described properly. Cytochrome-b sequence from mitochondrial DNA is able to determine samples between and intra-species as well. This study aimed to identify the Javan Langur (Trachypithecus auratus) samples named Andin (@&) and Bobby (B&), both are rehabilitated in Javan Langur Center (JLC). The amplification of Cytochrome-b gene from whole blood DNA with PCR technique using forward primer L151625’­CTTCCATGAGGACAAATATC-3’ and reverse primer Rmuc15’-GTGGAGTATAGGTATGATTGC-3’. The phylogenetic tree reconstruction based on MEGA 5 using maximum likelihood (ML) method and pairwise distance analysis with Kimura-2 parameter model resulted that Andin and Bobby are in the same group with
T. a. auratus. Andin is in the same clade with T. a. auratus haplotype aaF, while Bobby in the same clade T.
a. auratus and T. a. auratus haplotype aaC. We concluded that both of them belong to T. a. auratus subspecies.

Keywords: Javan Langur (Trachypithecus auratus), Javan Langur Center (JLC), Cytochrome-b

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