Anak Krakatau Island is a volcanic island in the Krakatau preservation complex. With its regular explosions, ranging from2 80 times/day in the year 2013, it was expected that the biodiversity would experience many changes. In orderto determine the recent condition of the biodiversity, especially animal inhabitants, a survey was conducted within the island in June, 2013. The survey was made for mammal, bird, reptile, and invertebrate(ground, aerial, and arboreal) diversity. For mammals, 10 live traps were used along 100 m of line transect, birds and reptiles were adopted faced encountered method, while the invertebrate survey was conducted with visual techniques with a sweep net, pit-fall traps, and light traps. The result from the inventory (especially invertebrate) was followed by determining the diversity and dominance of species. Relative abundancewas also determined for mammals only. The survey indicated that there was 1 species of mammal with 20% of relativeabundance, 13 species of birds within 11 families, 2 species of reptiles, 58 species of insect, and 10 species of non-insect invertebrates, which consisted of 6 species of Araneae, 2 species of Scorpiones, 2 species of Chilopoda. The diversity indexfor insects was 4.011 with Bothriamyrmex sp. as subdominantin which its index of 2.86, and index for non-insects was 2.079. The result also was compared with the other 3 islands of the Krakatau complex and data collected in the last 10 years.

Keywords: Anak Krakatau, volcanic, biodiversity

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