Centella asiatica sp. (pegagan) has neurotropic and neuroprotective properties which inhibit deterioration of memory because of chronic electrical stress. Studies about effective dose of Centtela asiatica still continued. This study was conducted to discover the influence of pegagan extract’s dose variation intake towards memory after chronic stress. This study uses that true experimental design with pretest-posttest control design. Fifteen male Sprague Dawley rats were divided into three groups randomly. Every groups are treated with chronic electrical stress for 4 weeks and aquades (KN), 300 (KN1) or 600 mg/kgBW/day (KP2) of Centella asiatica. The escape latency distance measure using Morris water maze was used to assess rats’ memory. Data were analyzed using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov, ANOVA and paired t-test. The average of escape latency distance before chronic electrical stress were 5,71±0,77m (KN); 4,29±0,36m (KP1); 3,81±0,47m (KP2) and after chronic electrical stress were 1,50±0,05m(KN); 1,55±0,04m(KP1); 1,82±0,11m(KP2). There were significant differences among groups after chronic electrical stress on day-1 (p=0,005) and day-3 (p=0,001). There were significant differences (p<0,05) for 3 days of escape latency test (KN), 5 days of escape latency test (KP1) and 2 days of escape latency test (KP2) from 6 days of memory measurement. In conclusion, dose variation of Centella asiatica did not affect to latency distance using Morris water maze. Ethanol extract of Centella asiatica with doses 300mg/kgBW/day could stimulate increasing memory formation after chronic electrical stress better.

Keywords: Centella asiatica - chronic electrical stress– memory– Morris water maze.

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