Aloe veragelhas a large vitamins which has become potential candidate to supressed vascular damaged oforganwhich potentially lead to complications such as diabetic nephropathy. This process through down regulation of PKC-β level as a cascade activator of gene transcription such as contraction and permeability of cell. The research goal was to determinethe effect of Aloe vera gel on PKC-β level in the kidneys of diabetes mellitus (DM) wistar rats. Twenty four rats divided into eight treatments (negative controls, positive controls, Non DM with A.vera gel dosage 30, 60, and 120 mg/day, DM with A.vera gel dosage 30, 60 and 120 mg/day) with three replications each. All of the data was analyzed using one way Anova with Statistical Product and Service Solution 16 software. The research result showed that the A. vera gelhas significant effectto decrease PKC-β level significantly (p < 0,000) in diabetes mellitus (DM) wistar rat kidney. In conclusion A.vera gel supressed diabetic nephropathy process via PKC-β and ROS activity in optimum dosage 30 mg/ day.

Keywords: Aloe vera Gel, PKC-β level, Diabetes mellitus. 

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