ISOLATION OF <i>FLAVONOID 3’5’HYDROXILASE</i> GENE FROM SNAKEWEED (<i>Stachytarpheta indica</i> auct. non. (L.) Vahl)


Stachytarpheta is one of Indonesian medicinal plants which have a wide species diversity. The bioactive component in snakeweed herb including naringenin, flavonol, and flavon are mainly derivate from phenyl propanoid (flavonoid). The gene encodes F3’5’Hydroxilation (F3’5H) involved in the biosynthesis of flavonoid product, by means of catalysis hydroxylation on the C atom #3 and #5 of benzene ring. Recently, has not yet meet publication about F3’5’H from snakeweed herb. The aim of this study was to isolate F3’5H gene from Stachytarpheta indica, using primers which were designed from conserve region of Petunia hybrida F3’5’H gene; HF1 and HF2 alleles. Forward primer is 5'-TGATGCTGCTAAAGCATTCT-3' and reverse primer is 5’GTGCACGCAGGTGACATATG-3’. The amplified fragments were un-specific non-consensus sequences, suggested that two homolog gene locus were isolated. Sequence analysis showed that both share two different domains; conserve-upstream and homolog-downstream domains. It is suggested that Stachytarpheta indica may possesses different alleles for F3’5’H, i.e. HF1 and HF2, as of Petunia hybrida.

Keywords: F3’5’H gene, Stachytarpheta indica, snakeweed 

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