Competitiveness and the Factors Affecting Export of the Indonesia Canned Pineapple in the World and the Destination Countries


Indonesia has a comparative advantage as the largest pineapple exporter in the world. Most of the pineapples are exported in the form of canned pineapples. This study examines the competitiveness of Indonesian exports of canned pineapple in the world and in the destination countries by using the method of Revealed Competitive Advantage (RCA), Export Product Dynamics (EPD), Intra-Industry Trade (IIT), and a panel data regression analysis approach through E-views 6 for the period 2004 until 2013. RCA analysis results indicate that the Indonesian canned pineapple has a comparative advantage in the world as well as in the export destination countries. EPD analysis results indicate that the Indonesian canned pineapple has a highly competitive advantage by positioning a rising star in the world and in the seven export destination countries, including the United States, Spain, Italy, Canada, Denmark, Austria, and China. IIT analysis results indicate that Indonesia has a one-way trade flows and a lower degree of integration towards export destination countries. Finally, the results of panel data analysis indicate that Factors that affect the export volume of Indonesia canned pineapple in the destination countries are Indonesia canned pineapple export prices to the export destination countries, real GDP and the population of destination countries


Keywords: Competitiveness, RCA, EPD, IIT, Panel Regression

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