Genetic Variants of k-Casein and β-Lactoglobulin Genes and Their Association with Protein and Milk Components of Holstein Friesian Cows at Small Farmers in Lembang, West Java


Genetic variants of CSN3 and LGB genes and their effects on protein and milk components were studied in Holstein Friesian at small dairy farmers in Lembang District, West Java, Indonesia.  Allelic variants were identified by PCR-RFLP technique using restriction enzymes of Pst I for the CSN3 gene and Hae III for the LGB gene.  The CSN3 gene was dominated by AB genotype.   Milk protein was not affected by genotypes of the two genes.  Only fat content was significantly affected (P <0.05) by the CSN3 gene with AB cows having the highest fat to AA and BB cows (3.76% vs. 3.26% and 3.34%).

Keywords: CSN3 gene; LGB gene; milk protein; and milk component.

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