Controlled Deposition of Polyamide Nanofibers Through an Innovative Electrospinning Device


Electrospinning is a straightforward, cheap and unique method to produce novel fibers with diameter in the range of 100 nm and even less. Those nanofibers have    a wide variety of applications such as: filters, membranes, composite reinforcement, drug delivery, protective barriers, sensors, wound dressings and tissue-engineered scaffolds where their unique properties contribute to product functionality. However, this process is characterized by a chaotic oscillation of the electrospinning jet which leads to the formation of beads an uneven nanofiber. This research work envisages the development of an apparatus to control the deposition of electrospun nanofibers through the use of a series of charged metal rings and the addition of a secondary power source, which enables a greater control over the polymer jet stream.

Keywords: Nanotechnology, Electrospinning, Nanofibres, Controled deposition, Polyamides

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