The Fabrics Design Influence in Real and Simulated Drape of Clothing


This research work aims to study the influence of the fabrics in the wear performance of clothing. For this, an experimental work was developed with two fabric samples having the same weight/m2, one single and another double, and a jacket prototype. Through a comparative analysis of the mechanical properties, very interesting results was obtained in the evaluation and characterization of the two fabrics performance in designing the same jacket, namely the drape and the corresponded aesthetic fabrics behaviours during wear. The structural characteristics and mechanical properties of each fabric were introduced into Marvelous Designer Version 8 software to simulate the virtual draping of fabrics in a skirt. The analysis of the drape profile of each fabric given by the software and the drape of the real fabrics evaluated in laboratory indicates, coherently, that the double fabric falls less than the single, but in a more harmonious way, what evidence the close links between technology and design of fashion products.

Keywords: Fabrics design, Fabrics mechanical properties, Clothing drape, Real and simulated drape

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