Prospects of Upgrade of the Main Drives of CNC Machine Tools Using Mechatronic Modules


This article observes the principles of construction and operation of the belt drives with detached electric motor and the drives with motor spindle. It also describes the characteristics of the elements used in spindles. In choosing a spindle, one proceeds from the primary and secondary requirements for the machine tool: rotation speed, power output, hardness, workspace dimensions, design complexity, application area, option of repair and replacement, and cost. The article considers the advantages and disadvantages of the spindles with additional mechanic gears and the motor spindles. As an example, we compare variants of upgrade of the «16M30F3» machine tool’s main drive. As a result, the following conclusions were made: motor spindle has more advantages than standard drive, but it is way more expensive and its repair is more difficult. Hence, this spindle type is only applicable to machine tools with high standards of quality and performance. Belt-driven spindle is special for easy repair and a wide range of technical specifications: one can choose multiple motor variants for one drive; again, it is much cheaper than motor spindle. However, final decision on spindle should concern the main requirements for the machine tool, workplace dimensions, application of the machine tool and, possibly, financial restrictions.

Keywords: CNC machine tool, motor spindle, mechatronics, machine building, electric drive, electric motor, motion control, built-in motor.

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