KnE Engineering | Conference on Science and Engineering for Instrumentation, Environment and Renewable Energy

DOI: 10.18502/keg.v1i1.520

Mechanical Properties of Metal Al/SiC and AlCu/SiC Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs)

Anggara B.S


The Metal Matrix Composite (MMCs) Al/SiC and AlCu/SiC through steering hot method have been done. The SEM images show that there are microstructure differences between the Al/SiC and AlCu/SiC. Tensile test results show the value of the yield stress of AlCu /SiC higher than Al/SiC. Meanwhile, the testing of wear resistance during 50 minutes earned the mass lost on Al/SiC 4.7% while AlCu/SiC 7.32%. We believed that the addition SiC particle can improve the mechanical properties and reduces the frictional resistance.


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