Performance Analysis of Solar Updraft Power Generator in Indonesia


Solar updraft power generator (SUPG) is a renewable energy facility capable of harnessing the solar energy. The first large prototype of SUPG was built in 1980’s in Manzanares, Spain to evaluate the projected performance of the facility and to serve as verification tools for future power simulator development. In this paper, the performance of a solar updraft power generator is assessed using the developed mathematical model. The model is validated by comparison with experimental data of Manzanares SUPG. The validated model is then used to calculate the amount of energy produced in seven selected locations in Indonesia. The selected cities in Indonesia exhibited a higher average monthly energy production compared to those in Manzanares. In particular a site like Kupang, would generate two times the energy of the Manzanares SUPG. The power production is sufficient for the needs of this isolated area in Indonesia and has the potential to solve the energy issue.

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