Synthesis and Characterization of Fibrous Bimetallic CuPt Nanoparticles


This paper reports a facile methode for the synthesis of fibrous bimetallic CuPt Nanoparticles (CuPt NPs) using the liquid phase deposition methods deposited directly on an indium-tin oxide (ITO) substrate. The electron microscopy analysis result shows that CuPt NPs, constructed by networked-nanorod of diameter ca. 3.5 nm and length approximately 5.5 to 6.5 nm, exhibits a quasi spherical morphology and fibrous structure with diameter approximately 196±98 nm. The differences of individual element miscibility and the effect of lattice-mismatch between Pt and Cu is the key factor for the formation of fibrous structure. XPS analysis indicated that the fibrous bimetallic CuPt NPs feature metallic properties with highly reactive surface. This may increase the charge-transfer reactions in catalytic, electrochemistry and sensors application.


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