Synthesis of Novel Nano-Strawberry TiO2 Structures with the Aid of Microwave Inverter System: Growth Time Effect on Optical Absorption Intensity


A novel anatase TiO2 with nanostrawberry-like structure with high porosity has been synthesised on ITO, with the aid of microwave power in a very short duration of 6 minutes. The growth of these novel TiO2nanostructures on ITO is attained stoichiometrically by using ammonium hexafluoro titanate, Hexamethylenetetramine, and Boric acid as precursor, capping agent, and reducing agent, respectively. Optical absorption intensity and thickness of these nanostructure layers can be varied by the growth time. A highly porous, 2.25 µm thickest layer has been successfully synthesised on ITO, and the average diameter of these nanostructures was found approximately 70±2.5nm. These highly porous nanostructures are expected to be good candidate for photocatlysis applications and efficient photovoltaic performances of dye sensitised solar cells.