Design and Development of Gas Sensor Based On Acoustic Resonance


Determination of the specific toxic, harmful, or flammable gases concentration i.e. butane, cannot be done directly. It requires devices that can do this measurement without any direct contact between the gas and human (observer) i.e. gas sensors. These sensors are typically used in security systems or early warning system. This research is about design and development of a gas sensor based on acoustic resonance. The sensor that has been developed is acoustic resonator based sensor, with two speakers as the sources of acoustic vibrations. This sensor is made to work at its resonance frequency. Since the resonance frequency of acoustic resonator is influenced by the speed of sound in the acoustic resonator, and the speed of sound is influenced by the density and concentration of the gas in the acoustic resonator, the changing of gas concentrations will cause resonance frequency shifting of the acoustic resonator. So, by taking measurement of resonance frequency shifting of resonator, gas concentration can be determined. This research was conducted in four stages, the first stage is designing of acoustic resonator, the second stage is manufacturing and initial testing of the acoustic resonator, the third stage is conditioning stage to make acoustic resonator works at its resonance frequency automatically, and the final stage is the testing stage of acoustic resonator using butane. Based on the research conducted, it can be concluded that the acoustic resonator system can work accurately and precision to detect the changing of butane gas concentration. Absolute error and relative error are relatively small, the largest of absolute error is 7.69% and the largest relative error is 0.47%.

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