Development of Digital Scale Based on Fluxgate Sensor


Fluxgate is a magnetic sensor which works by comparing the measurement magnetic field with the magnetic field reference. This research aims to develop digital scales using fluxgate sensor. The steps involved were sensor development, characterization, distance and mass calibration of the fabricated sensor. Here, a digital scale based on fluxgate sensor with oval vitrovac 6025Z type core, 360 windings of excitation coil and 240 windings of pick up coil was successfully fabricated. Characterization result shows that the sensor has 1669.2 mV/μT sensitivity and working area of about ± 1.9 μT, with maximum absolute error found out to be around 0.0573 μT with maximum relative error is 1.464 %. Calibrated sensor value obtained reveals that the sensor works from 15.86 until 27.00 mm in distance, utilizing equation of relationship between mass and output voltage  with the maximum relative error obtained as low as 1.49 %.

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