Forming Jeneponto Regency City Branding With Jeneponto Gammara Video


Research on Forming City Branding in Jeneponto Regency with Jeneponto Gammara Video is a mapping model and becomes a communication strategy in the study of branding strategy. This research aims to explore the tourism potential of Jeneponto Regency and then City Branding “Jeneponto Gammara” as well as becoming the iconic tagline of Jeneponto Regency. The method used is a design method oriented toward video production (audiovisual) in the form of preproduction, production, and postproduction which is then used to produce city branding-forming videos. The Jeneponto Gammara City Branding Strategy is a new strategy utilizing communication technology that synergizes with marketing tourism in building Jeneponto Regency tourism in the tourism sector. The results of this study can echo the city branding of Jeneponto Regency so that it is familiar to the eyes of the Indonesian people and the tourism potential of Jeneponto Regency is clearly mapped so that the Regency’s foreign exchange can increase from the tourism sector which will have a significant positive effect on other sectors.

Keywords: communication strategy, city branding, jeneponto gammara, tourism

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