Implementation of BMC to Look Up Student Entrepreneurship Mindset


This study aims to find out how the application of the BMC to look up the entrepreneurial mindset of students is applied at the Creative Media State Polytechnic. The research methods were qualitative and quantitative. The two research methods can be used together or combined in a concurrent study. BMC material is introduced first to students who have taken entrepreneurship practice courses. Students will be taught BMC material and its application. At this implementation stage, the actual student mindset will be observed first. After that, it will be measured quantitatively to determine the effect of applying BMC on the entrepreneurial mindset of students. The data analysis used is simple linear regression using the SPSS 16.0. Primary data were collected through interviews and observations of respondents to find out the actual shape of the entrepreneurial mindset of students at that time, while to measure the effect of BMC on increasing their entrepreneurial mindset a questionnaire was used with a Likert scale as the measurement.

Keywords: BMC, entrepreneurship, mindset

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