Designing Aesthetic and Visual Perception Textbook in Photography: Integrating Theory and Practice for College Students


The textbook for the course of Aesthetics and Visual Perception in Photography was developed to address the lack of available reference books for the subject at the Politeknik Negeri Media Kreatif. The objective of this textbook is to provide comprehensive and structured teaching materials on aesthetics and visual perception in photography, enabling students to understand and apply these principles in their photographic works. The research methodology involved literature study, data collection, textbook design, testing, and evaluation. The creation of this textbook benefits students by facilitating their learning and comprehension of the subject matter, while also offering a comprehensive and structured reference on aesthetics and visual perception in photography. The research was conducted over a period of approximately nine weeks. It is expected that this textbook will serve as a solution to the lack of reference materials and assist students in understanding and applying the principles of aesthetics and visual perception in photography. The results of this research indicate that aesthetics and visual perception play a vital role in creating captivating and meaningful photographs for the viewers. The integration of theory and practice within the textbook aids students in developing their photography skills more effectively.

Keywords: textbook, photography, aesthetics, visual perception

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