SISFORMA as Student institutional Communication Media at Polimedia


Polimedia has to manage the student organization activities at its campuses in Jakarta, Medan, and Makassar. PKM, P2MD, NPEO, KMIPN, and PC-Fest are examples of students’ events and competitions that need to be communicated. Student organizations such as BEM, MPM, HIMA, and UKM also need to communicate with the student affairs managers. For this reason, student institutional communication media is needed. This paper aimed to create student institutional communication media in the form of student information systems in Polimedia. The research method used is mixed, combining qualitative, and quantitative research. The research stages carried out are (1) analysis/inventory of needs, (2) alternative solutions, (3) making communication flows, (4) making information systems, (5) initial trials and expert judgment, and (6) conclusions. Student information system or Sisforma is the answer to the needs of communication media between students, student organizations, and Polimedia student affairs.

Keywords: student affairs, student organization, communication media, information system

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