UI/UX Textbook Development Using ADDIE and E-learning in the Multimedia Study


Education at colleges is frequently discovered to be independent, therefore learning managed may differ from materials taught. UI/UX is an important topic in multimedia. This study aims to create a learning system that is integrated with educational publications based on UI/UX courses. Agile is the strategy used to design the learning system, and ADDIE is the method used to develop educational materials. Every level of development and education is carried out simultaneously, beginning with planning and design, followed by implementation, and ending with evaluation. The research collaborator is PT. Impactbyte of Educational Technology. The findings from the assessment conducted on the production of textbooks indicate that students exhibit a favorable response toward the generated textbook. Additionally, the evaluation of eLearning, carried out through black-box testing, demonstrates that all the implemented functionalities perform effectively.

Keywords: addie method, e-learning, textbook

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