Making an Infographic Video on Orangutan Protection as Socialization Media for the Center of Orangutan Protection Sumatra


Socialization activities concerning the importance of orangutan protection carried out by the Center of Orangutan Protection Sumatra in schools and the broader community still use PowerPoint-based media and do not yet have video-based socialization and educational media. This research makes an infographic video about the protection of the Sumatran orangutan and aims to be a socialization medium to obtain information and issues regarding the ecology and habitat of the Sumatran orangutan. This research method uses qualitative and applied research methods with systematic and creative work processes in building visual communication concepts based on video infographics, interviews, observation, and visual literature as the basis for pre-production, production, and post-production of videos. The digital illustrations in the video were worked on using Pain Tool Sai 2, while the video animation used Adobe After Effects 2022. The results of this study use Abelii as the Sumatran orangutan (Pongo Abelii) character, telling about his life under threat of extinction. Video visualization is moving images with transitions containing typography and semi-realistic digital illustrations with two-dimensional animation elements using music and voice acting. The video would be presented at every outreach program conducted by the Center of Orangutan Protection Sumatra and published on YouTube.

Keywords: video, infographics, socialization, protection, orangutans

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