Utilización de la Comunicación por Radiofrecuencia para la Detección de Vehículos en Movimiento: Revisión del Estado del Arte


This article presents the state of the art on the use of radiofrequency communication for the detection of objects and vehicles in motion, through the interaction between transmitter and receiver devices using ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical) bands. By quantifying parameters such as the absence or presence of signals and their intensity, it is possible to approximate the distance between an emitting device and a receiver, localized in the vehicle and a fixed point, respectively . The study of the methodologies used in this article aims to develop a system oriented to guide people with visual disabilities in the public transportation system, taking advantage of the main characteristics of radiofrequency communication: low cost, easy implementation and full compatibility with electronic boards built on embedded systems.

Keywords: radiofrequency, ISM bands, detection of vehicles in motion, support for visual disability people, ETA