Real World Data en la Sanidad Española


In recent years, thanks to the progress of electronics and computing, it is possible to process a large volume of clinical data. As a result of this scenario, real world data (RWD) are gaining enormous relevance. RWD are the data, whose origin is the usual clinical practice, used to make medical decisions about drugs or medical practice. This research is aimed to study the current situation of RWD in Spain. To achieve this objective, we have assessed the data sources on which these are fed. We have also analyzed the main publications based on RWD. Our findings are: firstly, both records and databases as well as medical histories have a high level of computerization and have also a great deal of information to be used for research; and secondly, the scientific studies carried out are of a great quality, but society is not aware of the importance RWD have and there is discoordination between the Autonomies and the Government.


Keywords: RWD, clinical data, medical decisions, practical decisions, medical histories