Vigilancia Tecnológica e inteligencia competitiva (VT & IC): Alternativas para la recuperación y el aprovechamiento de residuos de plástico ABS alrededor del mundo


This study presents the results of the first stage (scientific production analysis) of a Technological Surveillance and Competitive Intelligence exercise (TS&CI), carried out for the research of "the current alternatives for the recovery and valorization of ABS plastic waste around the world"; which was carried out with information from the specialized Scopus® database, with the guidance of TS&IC experts, from EAFIT University. It was found that the leading countries in scientific publications are China, the United States and Japan, three of the largest consumers of ABS resin in the world. The leading institution in publications is the prestigious Chalmers University of Technology, a research university that is in Sweden. Finally, it was found that 86% of the scientific production related to the subject of interest, occurs next to the year 1999, time after the environmental revolutions of the age and to the first “Earth day” in 1970.

Keywords: acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, ABS plastic waste, recycling, reuse, reutilization.