Métodos de Interpolación Basados en Funciones de Base Radial con Aplicaciones a la Reconstrucción de Imágenes


This article presents the Radial Base Functions (RBFs) as a functional interpolation method for implicit surface reconstruction from points cloud.  These methods allow not only to improve inaccuracies resulting from scanners, but also possible discontinuities that occur in the point clouds.  The complexity of three-dimensional objects makes reconstruction difficult since devices such as scanners do not always faithfully reproduce the objects, which can lead to information gaps or an incomplete reconstruction. Interpolation methods based on RBFs allow to correct these errors.  Three-dimensional surface reconstruction has wide applications in biomedical engineering, in the design of industrial parts, among others.  With the algorithm, we developed we have been able to make reconstructions of both explicit and implicit functions, in two and three dimensions.

Keywords:  Radial Basis Functions, Three-dimensional reconstruction, Interpolation Methods.