Strength Based Numerical Approach Constitutive Material Prediction Of Spot Welded Joints Of Steel


The deformation of spot welded joints is challenging research problem due to the complex nature of the structure. One major problem is to characterize the materials properties. The elastic-plastic material parameters and the fracture parameters of materials can be readily determined when standard specimens are available, however, for a spot welded joint, standard testing is not applicable to characterize the heat affected zone (HAZ) and the weld nugget due to their complex structure and small size. This has opened up the possibility to characterize the material properties based a dual indenter method to inversely characterize the parameters of the constitutive material laws for the nugget, HAZ and the base metals. In a mixed numerical-experimental approach, the load-deformation data of the material is used as input data to a finite element (FE) model that simulate the geometry and boundary conditions of the experiment.  With indentation tests, the local plastic properties can be calculated by solving the inverse problem via finite element analysis by incrementally varying properties in 3D modeling to find a similar simulated load–displacement curve as compared with experimental one. The approach will then be used to test different welding zones and the material parameters thus predicted used to simulate the deformation of spot welded joints under complex loading conditions including tensile shear and drop weight impact tests. The evaluation based on numerical experimental data showed similar accuracy to the continuous indentation curve approach.

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