A Review of Considered Factors to Penetrate Renewable Energy Resources in Electrical Power System


As an increasing of load demand, scarcity of fossil fuel and penetration of greenhouse gasses (GHG) effect, utilization of renewable energy resources (RER) such as wind, solar, biomass and tidal are rising drastically. Distributed generation (DG) is a technology giving opportunity to integrate RER into power system network. These integrations are needed optimal long term planning. Those planning, hopefully, can increase reliability of electrical power system network while saving environment from GHG with minimum infestation, operation and maintenance cost. The aim of this paper is reviewing factors should be consider when preparing, operating and evaluating electrical power system with integration of RER. By this planning, it is expected that its integration is effective and efficient in a lifetime of project. Finally, this review can help government, researcher, engineer and private sector to make policies to preparing hybrid power system-DGs.  

Keywords: Penetration of renewable energy resources, electrical power system, long term planning, distributed generation, policies  

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