Coefficients Quantization at Off-axis Digital Hologram Wavelet Compression


Digital holographic information is compressed for storage of 2D- or 3D-objects amplitude and phase distributions, fast transmission, analyzing and displaying of these data. In this paper features of application of wavelet transforms for off-axis digital holograms compression are considered. The combined technique based on zero and twin orders elimination, wavelet compression of the amplitude and phase components of obtained Fourier spectrum and further additional compression of wavelet coefficients by thresholding and quantization is analyzed. Numerical experiments on reconstruction of images from the compressed holograms are performed. The comparative analysis of applicability of various wavelets and additional quantization of coefficients is performed. Obtained results demonstrate possibility of 180 and more times compression using iterative and noniterative methods of coefficients quantization and threshold zeroing less 80% of wavelet coefficients.

Keywords: digital holography, hologram compression, wavelets, quantization, thresholding, digital image processing.

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