Optoelectronic Methods of IR-Photometry in Solving Thermal and Physical Problems


Results of the application of optoelectronic IR-photometry methods for solving the actual thermophysical problems using high-speed photodiode temperature (pyrometric) sensors are presented. The latest achievements of the Ioffe Institute in the field of middle IR spectral range (3-6 μm) photodiode production technology are used in the sensor development. The above-mentioned middle-IR photodiode sensors are based on heterostructures from A3B5 solid solutions and they do not require forced cooling. New data on thermophysical processes taking place under the complex experimental conditions, including dynamically changing properties of the object, have been obtained. The new experimental results are based on high-speed non-contact measurements of the absolute temperature of objects directly in the exposure region of laser radiation and / or powerful electromagnetic fields. In the context of creating new experimental techniques for determining the thermophysical parameters of new promising materials the efficiency of middle- IR photodiode temperature sensors has been shown. In particular, a simple and effective measuring method for determining the heat transfer coefficient of solid objects and the pyroelectric coefficient of ferro- and pyroelectric materials is offered. The measuring method is based on laser thermowave techniques and direct noncontact measurements of the sample surface temperature under the pulsed / periodic laser action. The proposed experimental techniques make it possible to significantly improve the accuracy of measurements of thermophysical parameters of materials, and in particular, to eliminate a considerable spread of data on the parameters of the pyroelectric effect in ferroelectric materials.

Keywords: Pyrometric sensors, mid-IR photodiodes, laser thermowave techniques, heat transfer coefficient, pyroelectric coefficient

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