The Design Optimization and Experimental Investigation of the 4.4 μm Raman Laser Basedon Hydrogen-filled Revolver Silica Fiber


Optical properties of hollow-core revolver fibers are numerically investigated depending on various parameters: the hollow-core diameter, the capillary wall thickness, the values of the minimum gap between the capillaries, the number of capillaries in the cladding and the type of glass (silica and chalcogenide). Preliminary, similar calculations are made for simple models of hollow-core fibers. Based on the obtained results, the optimal design of the revolver fiber for Raman laser frequency conversion (1.56 μm → 4.4 μm in 1H2) was determined. As a result, efficient ns-pulsed 4.42 μm Raman laser based on 1H2-filled revolver silica fiber is realized. Quantum efficiency as high as 36 % is achieved and output average power as high as 250 mW is demonstrated.

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