Scintillation Light Detection with MAPD-3NK and MPPC-S12572-010P Readout


The linearity and energy resolution of two different solid-state photomultipliers (SiPMs) has been studied with reading out the LFS-8 scintillator (3x3x10 mm3). First SiPM (MAPD-3NK) from Zecotek Photonics consists of deeply burned pixels (cells) and has an active area of 3.7x3.7 mm2. The second one (MPPC-S12572-010P) from Hamamatsu has a surface cell structure and an active area of 3x3 mm2. Both SiPMs have the same pixel density of 10000 mm−2. Energy resolution and linearity of the SiPMs has been studied in the energy range of 59.6-1275 keV. It is found that both SiPMs demonstrate good linearity of signal amplitude as a function of the gamma ray energy in the studied energy range. The detector based on the MAPD-3NK provides significantly good energy resolution in comparison to the detector based on the MPPC-S12572-010P.

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