Status of UCN Source at WWR-M Reactor


The WWR-M reactor at PNPI is going to be equipped with an ultacold neutron source of high density. Method of UCN production is based on their accumulation in the super fluid helium due to particular qualities of that quantum liquid. The possibility of maintaining the temperature T = 1.371K with a thermal load of P = 60W was shown experimentally, while the theoretical load is expected to be P=30W. The project envisages the installation on UCN beams the experimental setups of various research projects such as searching for the nEDM, measure the neutron lifetime, and the observation of neutron to antineutron oscillation. In addition to UCN beams, three beams of cold and verycold neutrons are planned. Six experimental setups will be installed on these beams. At present, a vacuum container of the UCN source has been manufactured and the manufacture of low-temperature deuterium and helium parts of the source has been started.

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