Forward Yields of the Secondary Light Nuclei in CC-collisions at Beam Energy 20.5 GeV/n on the Accelerator U-70 in Comparison with Models UrQMD, FTFP-BERT-EMV and QGSP-FTFP-BERT-EMV in the Framework of Geant4


The zero angle production of light nuclei has been studied in CC-interactions at beam energy 20.5 GeV/n on accelerator U-70. The measurements were performed with employing of the beamline no. 22 as spectrometer of secondary particles with verying its rigidity from 10 to 70 GeV/c. We observed secondary protons and deuterons with momenta above kinematic limit of NN-interactions. The measured dependence of forward yields on momentum are compared with the model predictions in the framework of Geant4. The models more or less correctly give positions of maxima of the distributions and their general qualitative dependence on the momentum. But in the quantitative predictions of the yields there are significant differences with the experiment which grow with increase of atomic mass number A.