Ulcerative Squamous Eyelid Papilloma: A Rare Presentation


Purpose: To highlight the importance of histopathological evaluation of a lid mass to prognosticate the disease. We report a case of ulcerative squamous cell papilloma with clinical features suggesting malignancy.

Case report: A 65-year-old man presented with a rapidly enlarging mass in the left upper eyelid, with clinical features suggesting a squamous cell carcinoma. However, a repeat histopathological examination showed no malignant cells. The patient was diagnosed with squamous cell papilloma. He was followed-up for 30 months and no recurrence was observed. No such case has previously been reported in the literature.

Conclusion: This report highlights the need for histopathological examination of all eyelid lesions to enable surgeons to prognosticate the disease.


Carcinoma, Eyelid, Histopathological, Squamous Papilloma

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