Oculoplastic Conditions in Covid-19 Patients: Case Series and Literature Review


Purpose: To investigate oculoplastic conditions in patients diagnosed with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) seen at ophthalmology departments of three tertiary referral centers in the United Kingdom and the United States, and review of the literature.

Methods: Retrospective multicenter case series studied over 18 months.

Results: A total of four patients developed eyelid, orbital, or lacrimal gland pathology within four weeks of testing positive for COVID-19. All were male, and the mean age at presentation was 49 (range, 31–58 years). Suspected diagnoses included anterior idiopathic orbital inflammation, facial angioedema, dacryoadenitis, and anophthalmic socket inflammation. Three patients recovered fully and one patient recovered partially (mean 2.7 weeks) from ocular manifestations with steroids hastening recovery.

Conclusion: Adnexal manifestations of COVID-19 include self-limiting orbital inflammation and eyelid lymphedema.


Case Studies, Coronavirus, Eyelid Disease, Inflammation, Orbital Disease

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